This is just going to be a really quick hello. We're really busy with it being close to Christmas and I'm sure you're very busy to so I'll keep this short. As you can see we've finally finished the website and you can now buy our products online. We're going to continue working on the website but it's mainly going to be some behind the scenes things and we'll be adding new products until we have our full range available online. In the mean time if there's something that you want but can't see in the shop or if you just have a question that you wanted to ask feel free to email us at info@cocobaroque.co.uk or better yet send us a message on facebook or twitter and we'll get straight back to you.


That's all for now. This is going to be a fairly informal way of us keeping everyone up to date about what we're doing and letting you know about anything that we're excited about. We'll also be including a lot of this sort of thing in our newsletter which I'm aiming to have done before the new year.