About Us


Coco Baroque opened its doors, as it were, in 2012.
There’s Steve, the Baker, and Stephen, the Chocolatier, yes it does get confusing and no there isn’t a Butcher or a Candlestick Maker.
 We are an Artisan Bakery and Chocolatiers and our focus is on creating rustically simple cakes and excellent fresh truffles as well as lots of other tasty things to eat. We endeavour to use only the freshest, local ingredients, as well as the finest quality chocolate from around the world, to create our range of truffles, cakes, bars and hot chocolates. With all of the things we create we aim to bring back old memories while creating new ones for everyone that tastes one of our creations. We stay true to traditional recipes for our cakes and truffles but you’ll always find new flavours mixed in with the more traditional ones.

As well as our focus of quality, fresh ingredients, everything at Coco Baroque is made the way it should be. By hand. We take our Artisan title seriously and because of this we try to limit the amount of machines used in our production process as much as possible. We use an oven to bake the cakes, a microwave to melt the chocolate and a stove to boil the cream and make fruit reductions for our fresh truffles.