Almost Christmas time

We've been very bust since I last wrote a blog entry which is, in terms of me updating the blog regularly, a double edged sword. Obviously it's great that we've been so busy but that does mean that some things have to take a back seat.

I was hoping to have some new product lines ready for you all before Christmas but it looks like they're going to have to wait until the new year now. On the plus side there are now going to be more new products in the works than I had originally planned.

Our Christmas truffles and brownies will be making their annual appearance starting at Lark Lane farmer's market this month and they will then be available at farmer's markets and online until whatever day we're told is the last postage day that can guarantee delivery before Christmas Day.


As usual I'm going to say that I'll do my best to keep the blog updated regularly. I really do have good intentions when it comes to adding posts regularly. If there's anything in particular that anyone is interesting in hearing about from me or if anyone has any questions you can tweet me @ste90cb and you can also tweet me just to let me know if anyone is reading this.

Have a good week,